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Reflective Products

    1. PVC Reflective Tape
    2. PVC Reflective TapeThe reflective tape uses PVC material with a surface covered in grid patterns. This reflective tape is aging and friction resistant, as well as washable. Even after repeated washing, whether it be water washing, industrial washing, or dry cleaning, the reflective tape will not fall off, and will remain as much as 75% effective after long term usage.
    1. Reflective Piping
    2. Reflective PipingReflective piping consists of reflective fabric and a cotton core, which is then sued as piping in a variety of clothing for both safety appearances and decoration.
    1. Reflective Safety Vests
    2. Reflective Safety VestsReflective safety vests are made of high-grade knitted fabric or reflective materials with lattice fabric and high visibility. This makes them more appealing, lighter, and more comfortable than heavier, baggier safety vests. In bad weather or dim environments, this reflective material enhances visibility, ensuring a better safety for each wearer.
    1. Emergency Warning Triangle, Reflective Road Triangle
    2. Emergency Warning Triangle, Reflective Road TriangleThe reflective warning signs are often used in regular emergency kits in cars. As they are shaped like a triangle, they are often called emergency warning triangles.

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