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  • Do not place different reflective film types on the same sign board.
  • The unused reflective film should be tightly rolled on the paper tube, and stuck with tape located on both sides and the middle of the tube. Store the roll in a plastic bag, then hang it on a plastic bracket. Do not place it directly on the floor or against the wall, as the roll will become wrinkled.
  • The paper box with reflective films should be stacked in a single layer direction.
  • The reflective films adhesive tape is sensitive to pressure, and uses a slow response adhesive method. The more time it takes, the tighter the tape is stuck. We recommend putting the sign board the tape is used on in an indoor environment for 2 to 4 days, with a temperature range of 20 to 25°C and humidity at 50%(within ±10%) to ensure the adhesive tape and aluminum plate obtain the best possible adhesive performance.
    1. Weather Resistant Commercial Reflective Film
    2. Weather Resistant Commercial Reflective FilmThis reflective film features a service life of 3 years, and consists of a layer of film, a layer of tiny glass beads, a focus layer, reflective layer, adhesive layer, and peeling layer. It features an outstanding weather resistance, guaranteeing its service life.
    1. Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting
    2. Engineering Grade Reflective SheetingThis reflective film features a service life of up to 7 years, and is the third level according to JT-T279-1995 standards. It is a durable enclosed reflective film, and since 1950, have been widely and successfully used for the production of traffic signs. The engineering grade reflective sheeting plays an important role in areas with heavy traffic and slow vehicle speeds.
    1. High Visibility Reflective Sign Sheeting
    2. High Visibility Reflective Sign SheetingThis reflective film features a service life of up to 10 years, with the brightness remaining as high as 80% of the original level after 10 years. It is the second level of reflective film according to GB/T 18833-2002 standards, and is a durable, sealed reflective film that is three times brighter than engineering grade reflective sheeting.
    1. Reflective Tape, Warning Tape Two Color
    2. Reflective Tape, Warning Tape Two ColorThis reflective tape will reflect fluorescence in darkness, thus clearly illuminating signs and other signals on roads, cars, ships, channels, stages, aisles, machinery, and hazardous areas.
      This reflective tape is easy to use, and customers can cut it wherever they want. Because its service life ranges from 5 to 7 years, the tape is a cost efficient product.
    1. Vehicle Reflective Marking Tape, Reflective Sign
    2. Vehicle Reflective Marking Tape, Reflective SignVehicle reflective signs outline the car body, and improve vehicle identification, including type and size to make it easier to avoid accidents.

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